The Power of Steam

A Deeper, More Natural Kind Of Clean

Steam is mother nature's answer to the many harsh chemicals that people have come to rely on for to keep their homes clean and sanitized. It's also a proven way to release wrinkles and odors from fabrics without risk of burning or crushing delicate fibers. Here are a few ways Steam can benefit you, your family, and your environment.

  • Using only water, steam is environmentally friendly.
  • Eliminate potentially harmful and expensive chemicals for an easy, safe and cost effective way to clean your home.
  • Eliminate toxic residues that chemicals can leave on surfaces.
  • With temperatures at or above 212º, Steam kills well known bacteria such as e-coli, listeria, and salmonella.
  • Steam cleaners can be used virtually anywhere, for a diverse range of tasks. Steaming the wrinkles from garments is more gentle than ironing, allowing your clothing to look better, longer.
What about getting rid of dust mites?
Do you realize that you may have a million or more dust mites thriving on your bed? They cause allergies and make life miserable. As we said, you can kill nasty dust mites and control their population from multiplying with a McCulloch or Steamfast steam cleaner. Instead of using chemicals to destroy these pests, Steamfast uses water heated to temperatures of 140 degrees F is to kill these critters.

You’ll get rid of more dust mite allergens with regular steam cleaning and vacuuming of mattresses, bed clothing, carpets and upholstery. (in case you are into studies on this subject: a study conducted by M.J. Colioff et. al. [Clinical and Experimental Allergy, 1995, volume 25, 1061-1066] concluded that the best way to reduce the dust mites is to combine steam cleaning with vacuuming.)

Does steaming work on clothing?

Steam under less pressure works really well in getting rid of those unsightly wrinkles. Our Steamfast fabric steamers refresh your clothing and other fabrics. You can also refresh and remove wrinkles from your curtains, upholstery and your delicate fabrics faster and easier with a fabric steamer.
Steamfast is also very effective in removing wrinkles from the newest delicate organic fabrics, such as the biodegradable ingeo (corn), bamboo, seaweed and other organic fabrics. Linda Loudermilk studio in Los Angeles ( used our Steamfast fabric steamers to refresh their organic fabrics when ironing destroyed the delicate earth-friendly materials.

Steamfast – Take A Bow!

Not too long ago, the Wall Street Journal rated the Steamfast model SF-465 Professional Garment Steamer as Best Overall - over several other national brands.

In April, 2007, Good Housekeeping rated our Steamfast Multi-Purpose Steam Mop as Best over the Conair Lysol steam mop and the Reliable Steamboy steam mop, and featured the report in its April issue, sending video clips to 117 television stations across the country.

Steamfast (as of 3/17/11) holds three top rankings at consumer review information website Consumersearch compiles real consumer reviews from major websites, and objective editors determine which product has earned the top overall reviews. In the fabric steamer category, the Steamfast SF-407 holds the top spot as a Budget Fabric Steamer. The Steamfast SF-275 is the top pick for budget steam cleaning, and the SF-226 is the best Handheld steam cleaner. So, if you wonder if Steamfast products will meet your needs, don't take our word for it! Check the reviews!